James Cameron’s Avatar and the reason of why it was such a success and why it held the position of highest grossing film for almost a decade

Write 1500-2000 words that examine a specific media text of your choice. Your project will involve your own in-depth research and analysis on any media artifact, such as a film, television show, video, magazine, newspaper, radio program, song, album, podcast, website, app, device, video game, celebrity, etc. You should apply to your media artifact two of the following types of analysis: * Textual analysis (formal and aesthetic elements of the text and interpretation of their meanings: style, narrative, genre, representations, rhetoric, design, etc.) * Cultural analysis (how people and communities view or use it and what it means to them and their identities) * Industrial analysis (conditions of its production and distribution: ownership, business model, economics) * Technological analysis (affordances of the tools, devices, and infrastructures that enable access and use and how they shape it) You should use this research and analysis to make an argument, which you should clearly define in a thesis statement in your introduction. Take a position in explaining your topic and support that position using evidence you find in your research. How do you think we should understand this media artifact based on the evidence you find in your research? Answer this question as clearly, specifically, and convincingly as possible through your paper. Your research should include at least 6 sources, of which at least 3 should be scholarly (published in a peer-reviewed academic journal or university press) and at most 1 can be from a class reading. You should cite these sources (and any others you consult beyond these) in your paper and in a bibliography, using a standard scholarly citation style (MLA, Chicago, APA, etc.). The paper should be 1500-2000 words in length (approximately 6-8 pages). It should have a clear introduction, thesis statement, body, and conclusion. It should have effective organization and proper sentence structure and be free of grammatical and spelling errors (please make sure to proofread your paper before turning it in). Late papers will be penalized 2 percentage points for every day after the deadline. You will propose your topic in class on Friday, November 1, by briefly describing to the class your media text and the two types of analysis you will apply to it. You are required to meet with me to discuss your project at least once ‪before November 20.‬ At that point you will get feedback, suggestions, guidance, and answers to any questions you have. It is also recommended to meet much earlier than this date to discuss the project and, of course, you can also contact me at any point with any questions you have as you go along. A draft of the text of your project is ‪due on‬ ‪November 20‬ in class. All of your research should be completed by this point and included in the draft text. You will receive feedback on this draft from me and your classmates in a writers’ workshop and should use these suggestions to revise your draft into your final project ‪due on December 6.‬   Assessment Projects will be graded based on the following criteria: * Research: Does the project demonstrate depth and quality of research? How are evidence and concepts from research sources incorporated into the project? * Analysis: How does the project analyze the media artifact? Has the project developed an insightful and original argument or is it mostly descriptions? Is the analysis supported by specific details or examples? * Clarity: Has the student expressed their ideas clearly? Has the student organized the project well? Does each paragraph, for example, stay on-topic? Does the student use effective transitions and signposts within the written text and intuitive layout and structure in design? * Presentation: Does the project display a coherent creative design aesthetic? Does it effectively integrate visual and interactive elements into the written text? Does the written text contain grammar, punctuation, or syntax errors? Does the project contain basic technical errors? Work that displays excellence in content and presentation, demonstrates a depth of research and analysis that thoroughly supports an insightful original argument, and exhibits a creative design aesthetic and interactive form will earn an A. Work that is good in content and presentation, demonstrates solid research and analysis, forwards a thoughtful argument, and displays a coherent and effective design aesthetic will earn a B. Work that is adequate in content and presentation, utilizes some research and analysis, and shows a basic understanding of design concepts will earn a C.