IT- Part A: Discussion, Part B: Reply to two of my peer’s post

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Part A:::

Take a position on whether user interfaces for work will remain isolated or become more collaborative. Present evidence, based on the different categories of social media, to support your argument. Include at least two references in APA format.

Part B:::

Reply to two of your peer’s post. In providing feedback to your peers, constructively challenge and critique their arguments.

Peer’s post 1: Social media are broadly broken into 5 categories, social networking, image sharing, video sharing, social blogging, and social community (Barnhart, 2020). Examples include LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr, and Reddit respectively.

Interfaces for work will become more collaborative. This is seen in the increasing number of application programming interfaces (APIs) that have come up for popular apps. An API is essentially a program that allows to separate applications to operate harmoniously (What is an API? (Application Programming Interface)). For example, Microsoft Word has an on-board API that interacts with data from LinkedIn, accessible via Review, Resume Assistant. This API allows the user to see resume recommendations from LinkedIn within the Word application. This is a collaboration of a social network with one of the most popular word processing applications.

We have all seen a PowerPoint presentation with an embedded YouTube video. Whether it is to drive a point or to provide an example, we have seen this collaboration of video sharing with the popular presentation software. When we see this collaboration in a presentation, it helps to break the monotonous “death by PowerPoint” that we see regularly.

Peer’s post 2: Personally, I think that it is safe to say that user interfaces for work and businesses will likely become more collaborative due to how intertwined that most businesses and workplaces have become with the internet and social media. Looking at most major businesses and companies today it is not too uncommon to see them collaborating or advertising on larger social media networks whether it’s on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn as these help to dramatically boost a company’s popularity, branding, and customer relations (Kakkar, 2020). Media sharing networks including YouTube, Snapchat, and Instagram have also been very valuable for helping businesses to grow as they can help both large and small businesses to advertise to their target audience and build a larger customer base to market towards and collaborate with (Kakkar, 2020). Even discussion forums such as Reddit and Quora can also be valuable assets for allowing businesses to perform research on the reviews and opinions of customers, which can allow a business to determine how they want to market towards their intended audience (Kakkar, 2020). Online markets also support the idea of collaboration between businesses and consumers as large companies such as Amazon and eBay often encourage buyers to connect with corporations and other individual merchants in order to purchase different services and goods (Diakopou, 2016). Overall, due to the vast amount of benefits that are made available to businesses through collaborating and forming relationships with customers on social media I do believe that user interfaces for work will likely become more collaborative in order to facilitate worker and customer relationships in the future.