it is related to Canadian history

I’m working on a History question and need guidance to help me study.

The research paper proposal is an opportunity to get feedback on your ideas, sources and structure for

your research paper. See the description of the research paper (below) for

further guidelines. The paper

proposal is a 3

4 page document that includes

Your draft thesis (argument) and introduction

A bullet point outline of your paper

oWhat are your main sections?

oApproximately how long will each part be?

oWhat are the topic sentences/sub-arguments for each section?

•Problems you expect to encounter (trouble finding sources, too much information, time

management) and how you might address them


You will be evaluated based on the extent to which you meet these criteria. Further details of the

assignment will be discussed in class. You will not be held to your outline (i.e.if your research paper is

slightly different this is okay, papers evolve as we work on them), but it is a valuable opportunity to get

feedback towards a strong paper

For your research paper you will choose one historical case or document which has shaped contemporary human rights history (e.g. the Charter of Rights,R. v N.S.

this is an argument-centered paper you must present an argument about the document or the case you are analyzing

(for example its contribution to human rights history, its accuracy or omissions in representation, etc