It is important to have ethics in the business world.

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It is important to have ethics in the business world. Ethics is not limited to one particular business or position. We are all responsible for creating an ethical work place. In a 3- to 6-page paper, discuss how ethics are within your workplace. Are there any policies that must be followed? If so, what are they? If not, what can you do to have some put in place?

Note: Please write in essay format with logical headings (not in question and answer format).

SUMMARY: Mid-term Project Requirements

  • Write about your current or former workplace as described above. If you do not have a workplace you would like to write about, you could select a medium-sized or large national or international company that has been in the news within recent years for ethics violations, write about that company.
  • Prepare a 3- to 6-page research paper using the text, the company Web site, and reliable sources as references.
  • Include at least three APA headings (for example, Introduction, Discussion, and Concluding Thoughts).
  • Include at least three citations with corresponding reference list entries.