Is suicide really a sociological phenomenon that Durkheim’s theory can explain? Even if the theory might have worked in his time—does his theory still apply today?

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  1. Introduction. Write a brief introduction for your essay where you simply outline what the essay argues (remember that while the introduction is the first thing that shows in an essay, it is better to write it after the main text and conclusion are completed).
  2. Elaboration of argument. This is the main body of your essay—you can divided into sub-sections with headings if you find that useful. Here you need to do a couple of things. a. First, you should explain—very briefly—why suicide should be considered as asocial problem or sociological phenomenon (of course, here you should followDurkheim’s own reasoning).
    b. Secondly, using quotes and/or examples from Durkheim’s Rules of theSociological Method and his Suicide,explain to the reader (in this case, the instructor) how Durkheim’s study of suicide is an application of Durkheim’s

methodological rules. To show the connection between the two works, think of the following questions:

  1. How does Durkhiem’s discussion of sucide in the Introduction to his book compare to (or resembles) his discussion of what is a social fact?
  2. How does Durkehim use data and other evidence to “discard preconceptions”? Look, for example, at how Durkheim examines the relationship between suicide rates and what he calls “cosmic factors” (basically, the seasons of the year). How is he using the data here? Is it to prove or to challenge an idea?
  3. Lastly, at what level does he establish a connection between his typology of suicides and actual suicice rates? What are the “variables” he uses to explain the connection?

3. Conclusion. After explaining why suicide should be considered a sociological phenomenon and showing how Durkheim addresses it via his own methodological rules, by way of conclusion, you will briefly evaluate whether Durkheim’s theory is relevant today. Can we use his concepts of anomic, egoistic, fatalistic or altruistic suicide to understand today’s suicide trends? In what ways is his theory still useful? In what ways is it too limited for our contemporary moment? Of couse, my own questions here hint at what I consider the best approach: rather than a blanket rejection or uncritical embrace of Durkheim’s theory, it is probably better to argue that Durkheim’s theory of suicide has some contemporary relevance but that it also has some limitations. The important thing to know is: where is the relevance and where are the limits?

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