Investment analysis…continued

Need help with my Business question – I’m studying for my class.

continuation from last weeks assignment. The company name is EZ Beginnings Ltd not Nike Acquisition though. thank you!!

Week 4 Project Activity: Investment Analysis (Draft)

Use the Budget Proposal Workbook.xlsx and Budget Proposal Template.docx to develop and present an Investment Analysis for your new business startup. You will be graded on correct analysis, proper use of spreadsheet technology, and business-like presentation of the information.

Grading Rubric

Section 4.0 Investment Analysis (Draft) Deliverable Points
The cash flows show detailed inflows and outflows, as well as net cash flows. 6
The NPV Analysis is properly calculated and presented. 6
The Rate of Return calculations are properly calculated and presented. 4
The payback period is properly calculated and presented. 4
Total Points 20