Investigative Report “Household Disinfectants” essay assignment

This is a paper that is focusing on the student to Investigative Report “Household Disinfectants” essay assignment. The paper also provides additional information to use in writing this assignment paper.

Investigative Report “Household Disinfectants” essay assignment

Investigative Report “Household Disinfectants”.

Write about LYSOL Disinfectant

Overview – the goal of the essay.
The goal of this assignment is to identify disinfectants you have in your household, learn about their chemical compositions and effectiveness in eliminating certain microorganisms, and also determine whether or not you use it correctly. You should choose one disinfectant to write about.

How to start.
Firstly, collect the relevant information.
Choose one disinfectant most often used in your household. Read the container label carefully and note active and inactive ingredients of the product. Find out the name website of the manufacturer. Do the Google search of the product for additional information on possible uses and harmful effects of the product.
Your report should include the following:
Secondly, review different methods of controlling microorganisms’ growth. Your review should include answers to the following questions:

1. Firstly, what methods of controlling microorganism growth are available today

2. Secondly, what is the difference between sterilization and disinfection?
3. Thirdly, what is the difference between disinfectants and antiseptics?


Before you start writing, investigate all household disinfectants you have at home.

1. Firstly, read the label and determine active ingredient(s) of each disinfectant.

2. Secondly, determine to which class of disinfectants this ingredient belongs.

3. Thirdly, what do you know about the action of this disinfectant? If you do not know anything, find out from your textbook or from the manufacturer website. The address of the manufacturer website. Is on the product’s label.

4. How do you use this disinfectant? Compare the way you use this disinfectant to the way it should be used according to manufacturers’ instructions. Do you overuse, underuse, or use it just the right way?
5. How effective is the use of disinfectants in your household?
6. Are there known adverse (damaging) effect of this disinfectant on humans?
Include answers to the questions above in your narrative.
Conclude about use/overuse of disinfectants in your household. What have you learned about the most effective way of using the disinfectant? Are you going to use this disinfectant(s) the same way you used it/them before?

Writing Format

The essay should be typed, single-spaced, 12 points font size, 3 pages of the text minimum excluding the title page and also the reference page. Avoid direct quotes and explain ideas from a book/article in your own words. Remember, when you write about ideas from articles and books you are working with, you MUST include citation for these. Even if you explain in your own words what a particular writer has written about the topic of your essay, you MUST put the author’s name and the year of article/ chapter/book in parenthesis at the end of the sentence.

Otherwise, you can put a number under which your reference is list in the list of references in parenthesis after citation. In either case, the full list of cited references should be typed at the end of your essay under the title ”References”.
All citation should be in the APA format.