Introduction to the Customer Experience Discussion Questions

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Answer the questions below. Please write in 1st point of view.

1. The customer is a co-producer in the service experience. The organization has some control over product and service offerings, but only influences the participation of the customer. Think about a time when you were a customer of a service organization when the service experience was ruined by another customer’s negative involvement.

a. Describe the experience.

b. Describe what the organization did in response.

c. What could you see as another response? (what do you wish they’d done).

2. Online reviews have become incredibly important to hospitality organizations.

a.Describe your experience with online reviews

b.Why/when you write them or choose not to

c.Why/When you read them

3. There are a lot of moving parts in services marketing. From a guest perspective, there is marketing that occurs before, during, and after the service experience.

a.Share an example of a service experience that positively or negatively marketing your next experience.

b.What happened during the experience that made you want to return or never come back?

c.What was the moment of truth?

4. Think about a time that you as a customer experienced a service failure. Describe the situation and what went wrong.

a.What was the provider’s response?

b.Did it feel appropriate to you at the time?

c.What other choice in making it right could the provider have made?