Introducing a serious physical health problem assignment

This is a paper that is focusing on the introducing a serious physical health problem assignment. The paper also provides additional information to use in writing this assignment paper clearly.

Introducing a serious physical health problem assignment

Introduce a serious physical health problem. (e.g., cancer, heart disease) or a health behavior problem (e.g., low levels of a health promoting behavior OR high levels of a compromising behavior)

a.  Here, be sure to define the health problem you plan to focus on in your paper

b.  It will also be important to introduce statistics/research findings that illustrate that the health problem is a problem that our society should be compelled to do something about. (e.g., economic support, mortality rates, related cognitive/psychological risks).  GoogleScholar and PsychInfo will be your best bet,

2. Synthesize articles (i.e., develop your own interpretation which integrates points and findings that are by other authors) that describe or test initiatives to address (change) the health problem you have chosen. You might select studies that have empirically tested programs related to your problem of interest or review papers which address themes that have important implications for your solution/s.

a. As an efficient way to locate on-topic articles, I recommend looking up the articles that are in your text book on your topic of interest using the library’s online databases.  Find the sections in your text that discuss your topic and look up the citations Sanderson includes to support her points.  You’ll be able to go into more detail by reading the full articles

Lastly, for full credit, the paper must be type, double-space, with 1-inch margins. Additionally, APA style citations and an APA style reference section. You will need to cite at least 5 peer-reviewed journal articles for your paper. (at least 3 should be empirical studies).