INTL 434 American Military University Cyber Security Threat to the UK Essay

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Assignment Instructions: Please answer the question below with an essay answer. Should be 4 pages total (not including title page and bibliography), typed double-spaced in Times New Roman, 12-pont font. Remember to us the Chicago Style Manual for all citations and bibliography. A minimum of five (5) scholarly sources are required for this assignment.

This assignment will provide the foundation for your final research paper. As a result, it is highly recommended that additional sources for future reference are included in the bibliography in addition to the minimum five required for this assignment.

Select a foreign nation-state (not the United States) and describe a threat to that nation. The threat can be any of those discussed in this course (conventional threats, non-state actors, terrorism, insurgency, emerging threats, cyber, etc). Briefly provide a background of the threat, what it is, how the nation perceives the threat and how your chosen nation-state has responded to the threat.

The opportunities are endless here since there are many nations and, of course, each has numerous, often shared threats. This paper is designed for you to begin your research and introduce your chosen case-study that you will then provide much more extensive detail about in your final paper. Furthermore, your final paper will include your analytical opinion (thesis) regarding this case-study and be written in the form of a typical threat assessment. Be sure to select a case study that you can research deeper than a 4-page paper.