Interpreting a slope line. Giving a sentence structured answer to slope and y-intercept in a word question.

I need help with a Calculus question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

Please help me with this question. I am NOT looking for you to answer this, I am looking to see if my thinking is correct regarding this equation: y=1.5t + 2. Question: You have a pool that is being filled with a garden hose. Water depth = y (in ft) goes in the pool (t) hours after the hose is turned on, the given, again, is: y=1.5t + 2.

What does the slope represent here? Should include slope, the units and structured in a sentence. (I think the slope is the rise of the water level)

What does the y-intercept represent here? Include the value of the y-intercept, the units and information on what the y-intercept is telling us about the pool. Structure answer in a complete sentence. (I think the y-intercept is the volume going in but I am very insecure about this).

I am at odds on how to put this sentence response together.