international business

A manager from a developing country is overseeing a multinational’s operations in a country where drug trafficking and lawlessness are rife. One day, a representative of a local “big man” approaches the manager and asks for a “donation” to help the big man provide housing for the poor. The representative tells the manager that in return for the donation, the big man will make sure that the manager has a productive stay in his country. No threats are made, but the manager is well aware that the big man heads a criminal organization that is engaged in drug trafficking. He also knows that the big man does indeed help the poor in the run-down neighborhood of the city where he was born. What should the manager do?


International Business

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Answer the following essay question(s) in sufficient detail.

  1. Define personality and explain how personality differences affect individual behavior.
  2. How do legal, cultural, and economic factors influence product policy?
  3. What are the problems that a firm using market pricing might encounter?
  4. What are some of the fundamental issues that must be addressed in international advertising?
  5. What is a distribution channel? What options does an international firm have in developing its channels