Intercultural Communications

Describe your current or future job field and the ways in which an understanding of intercultural communication would help you to become more effective and successful in your work within that field. The textbook describes this type of communication in conjunction with business, education, and the healthcare field in particular, so if you would like, you can position your work under one of these categories.


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intercultural communications

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Consumption of popular culture can be a conscious decision. Awareness of your reasons for consuming particular popular culture texts can give you insight into the formation of your identity and worldview.

What to do:

Watch the advertisement below for the Disney Princesses entitled “Dream Big, Princess – Be A Champion” AND/OR read the following blog post response, Disney Princesses, Girl Identity & Imaginative Play

Then discuss how you believe the consumption of the advertisemet can create and reinforce worldviews and stereotypes about female beauty and ability.

Finally, comment on other popular culture texts (websites, TV shows, movies, music etc) reinforce world views and stereotypes about other components of cultural identity.

At least 250 words, no cover page and put all references in APA format

Below is the actual link to the video.