INTEGRATIVE OPERATIONS ANALYSIS Description This is a graded assignment. Master study is International Business. Module is Managing global operations. 2,500 word assignment. Read uploaded files carefully before making any offers. the file “INTEGRATIVE OPERATIONS ANALYSIS” contains the assignment itself. The file “Structure Guide 171209-1” is so you can get an idea of how the structure shall be. the file “IOA_Final_Submission_Cover_Sheet_2017” is a template where you shall write the assignment in. There are hundreds of reading material to look through in order to understand the theory to apply to this assignment. That is uploaded as “Unit 6, Chapter 13, 11”. Also Unit 5 and 7 will be uploaded soon. It is essential this is read to understand how the theory works. Also, there is a proposal of 1 page, that I will upload when I find the right writer for the order. Thank you and looking forward to working with you.