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Many have accused Google of being a monopoly and therefore engaging in unfair business practices. These rumblings grow larger every time Google enters a new market. Its size and clever business tactics always seem to quickly give the company market dominance. The accusations of monopoly have been particularly fierce in the European Union where Google has spent a long time-fighting charge in court. It is not the only U.S.-based multinational to face scrutiny in the EU. Microsoft was also accused of being a monopoly in Europe, where anti-competitive practices are punished harshly. The E.U. finally dropped its decade-long case against Microsoft when it promised to offer customers a choice of web browsers.

Follow the URL below to access an article on Google’s potential monopoly status and why U.S. regulators are almost as wary as European ones. This article delves into the question of whether it is a bad thing that Google may be a monopoly which segues into our discussion question.


Do you think Microsoft is a monopoly? If yes, is it a bad thing?

Defend your stance on this issue. (Each student is expected to make an original post of at least 150 words and a follow-up on a classmates’ of at least 50 words).