Informative Presentation

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6-7 slides and must do the outline attached here

Informative presentation (3-4 minutes): Students prepare a 4-5 minute powerpoint presentation that informs the audience about how to interpret some aspect of origins from the Genesis 1-3, Qur’an 35, C. S. Lewis, or Bertrand Russell readings. This can be a concept, symbol, argument, or viewpoint concerning origins that you examine.

The presentation will educate the student audience on a philosophical and/or religious way of thinking and an origin account from Judaism, Christianity, Islam, or atheism.

The presentation must include a properly formatted and grammatically correct formal outline, citing 1 reading from the DBRA 100 iBook and 1-2 reputable outside sources to support main ideas. Cite your sources in writing on your outlines and slideshow and orally in your recorded videos using APA format and following the instructions in the Skills post on Citing Sources in a Presentation. The outline includes the properly structured introduction, main points, and conclusion, which are then translated to a speaking outline and delivered as the speech.