Information Management Worksheet with Research Data

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Assignment Directions: This component includes two and three of the associated four assignments. This component will include the annotated bibliography and questions that will be posed during the caregiver interview. You will submit one document addressing the following:

Annotated Bibliography (100 points) and Interview Questions (25 points)

  1. Research a minimum (6) six Peer Reviewed Journal Articles. (published within the last 5 years). You may use websites such as ADA or CDC for informational purposes but be cognizant that these are NOT peer-reviewed journal articles and will not count toward your minimum of 6 peer-reviewed journal articles. You may not use any assigned readings from the units for the annotated bibliography. Suggested topics for the annotated bibliography may include:
  • Caregiver roles
  • Challenges/stressors associated with role transition
  • Coping strategies for the caregiver
  • Definition of advocacy
  • Roles of advocates
  • Chronic condition (this is not the focus of the assignment – and should not be MORE than 1 article related to this)

Choose wisely as you will need to use these same references in your APA paper.

2. For each peer-reviewed journal article, provide the reference in the correct 7th edition APA format.

3. In the first paragraph, summarize the article in one paragraph of 4-5 sentences. Provide examples of the main points.

4. In the second paragraph of 4-5 sentences, include how the journal article is relevant to your scenario and how you will use it in your interview and/or subsequent APA paper. Be specific in how you will incorporate this information into your scenario.

5. Provide a list of questions that you will ask your caregiver during your interview (minimum 10 questions). Remember the focus is on the caregiver and how they are adjusting to their new role. You do NOT need to provide the answers with this assignment, as you have not conducted the interview yet.

Examples of questions you may include:

What are your needs as the caregiver/advocate? How are you an advocate for the family member? How have your responsibilities changed now that you are the caregiver? What information would you like to help you adjust to your new role as caregiver and advocate? What type of support have you received to help you adjust to your new role and was it beneficial? Make these open-ended questions to allow additional discussion.