INFO 564 Homework Assignment-3

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Problem-1 (50 pts)

Consider one product that you own (or want to own) and one service that you use (or want to use).For each one pick the different quality dimensions (as discussed in Section 2.3 of Managing Quality) that would be important to you.You should have at least 6 dimensions.Rank them in their importance to you.

Create two tables one for the product and one for the service.In each one have 4 columns – Col 1: the quality dimension.Col 2: What does the quality dimension mean in the context of this product?Col 3: the performance of your product/service on the dimension.Col 3: the performance of a competing product/service on that dimension.Be brief but clear.

Tell us which product/service you chose or would choose.

Problem-2 (50 points)

Consider a restaurant that serves food that is eaten raw: salads (for example).Under the four headings (prevention, appraisal, internal failure, and external failure – see section 2.5 of Managing Quality) discuss clearly but briefly:

  • Costs borne by the restaurant (25 pts)
  • Costs incurred by the restaurant’s supply chain – all the entities that “touch” the food on its way to the restaurant (25 pts)