Individual Report- Annotated Bibliography and 9 minutes writing

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You will find you have an email assigning your topic for the Individual Report. Begin researching the topic and collecting resources that will allow you to provide an unbiased report on an important topic of concern to a board of directors interested in better understanding the controversy so they can make a public statement of position.

For the purposes of this assignment a report is informational, not persuasive. Leave the opinions to the audience. The difficulty in writing this form of professional report is in removing your own ideology from the formula as much as it is in the planning, research, execution and mechanics of writing. Professionalism in this scenario demands the reporter be separate from a final opinion on the topic enough to be informative without muddying the facts one way or another.

my topic is: Sanctuary cities.


first three minutes writing:

Write for three minutes on this topic. “This class seemed so easy but suddenly there are all these writing assignments…”

second three minutes writing:

Write for three minutes on how you are handling the transition to Stetson this term. It is different for everyone regardless of what year you expect to graduate so spend a few minutes writing about where you are in the process of acclimating to this new environment.

third three minutes writing:

Do you get a more helpful edit if you provide an editor frame? If not why? What’s needed to make it work. If you do, Is it worth the effort?