Individual Reflection Paper

Individual Reflection paper—two pages 

This assignment takes the form of a two-page double spaced page essay

• The goal of this assignment is to give you an opportunity to review and recap your critical

thinking and personal feelings about social work leadership & teamwork over the course.

• Write in the first person and write personally

• In your essay you must address the following (though you may address additional relevant


A. Transformative leadership: My approach and positionality

– Describe your own approach to transformative, participatory & effective leadership –

You must cite course material in your description

– Discuss the connection between being a transformative leader and your positionality.

Include at least 3 social identities (at least one must be one of power and privilege) –

How do these characteristics inform your decision making?

– How might your positionality influence how others (colleagues, community members

etc.) react to you as a leader?

B. Growth in leadership in AIP with Organizations & Communities

– Identify two strengths and two challenges you experienced working with your group.

– How did you address them?

– What did you learn about yourself (include a discussion of your learning edges)?

– How can use best practices from the group process to inform your leadership and

improve culturally responsive practice in the field?



 This assignment is intended to stimulate your thinking about the conceptual and pragmatic aspects of the assigned readings and discussions, and their implications for your own leadership style, actions and orientation. There will be one written reflection assignment covering each of the five parts from the course text, plus a final section on lessons learned. For each of the assigned areas (total of 10 chapters), you are to: take a major leadership concept, explain it, reflect on the concept and then apply that concept to your leadership role and your organization For Part 1: Chapter One For Part 2: Chapters Two and Three For Part 3: Select two chapters from Part 3: For Part 4: Select three chapters from Part 4 For Part 5: Select two chapters from Part 5 Last Part: Lessons Learned: final discussion on your specific learning’s from the text, discussions, readings, etc. This should be two pages in length. The paper covers 10 chapters plus the lessons learned. Each chapter reflection should be about one to 1.5 pages in length pus 1.5 pages for lessons learned. The lessons can be around the text, vClasses and threaded discussions, teaming, etc. You should follow APA style. Total length of the paper should not exceed 17 pages. Your papers should not be simply a paraphrasing of the assigned readings. Instead, your reflection should be your thoughts and opinions on the readings, the extent to which they conflict with or corroborate other reading you have done or experiences you have had, the extent to which they have some utility for you (e.g., conceptual development, application potential), and so forth. Based on this, discuss the insights have you developed about yourself and how you execute your leadership role. You are required to explicitly reflect on the reading in the context of your own leadership experiences (present or past job/organization, social clubs, volunteer roles), applying this material as appropriate to probe and explain critical incidents you have experienced, their relationship to your leadership role, and insights into your personal learning. The final two pagers of the paper should include what have you learned from the reading topics, debated positions, and other related discussions. While you are required to explicitly focus on the assigned course reading, you are free to draw on other readings — from other courses, your job, personal reading – as you feel appropriate. The assignment is meant to stimulate your thinking of both the conceptual and pragmatic/applied aspects of the assigned course readings. However, do not wander from the “theme or thesis” of each of the reflections chapter assignments…in other words, contain your reflections within the scope of the readings covered. You are certainly welcome (even encouraged) to consecutively “bridge” the papers (e.g.: first to the second). Required Text • Daft, Richard L. The Leadership Experience, 7th Edition. ISBN: 978-1-337-10227-8