Indiana University Grant Application and Proposal Project Research Paper

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Grant Application and Proposal Project

Think about a leisure services-related organization (Public or NFP) for which you would like to write a grant. Consider: What other services could they offer? Or, what equipment/supplies/facilities could they use, or would like to see constructed.

Before beginning the proposal, come up with a program idea related to recreation or tourism. What is the purpose of your program/project? What organization might offer this type of program? What type of support would be needed for this organization to do so (general operating, capital, seed money)?

Find a foundation (google) that supports a recreation/leisure-related project and then develop your idea around their funding requirements. Then find an organization that might be a good match. Consider: What type of support is needed (general operating, capital, seed money)?

Another approach could be, plan a program or project FOR AN EXISTING ORGANIZATION where financial, budgeting, and staffing information is readily available. In this approach, you would be advocating for a real-life organization.

Research and select an ACTUAL funding source that awards grant money in support of the causes or programs that are aligned with your project. Prepare a grant application and proposal to the foundation with the 14 components described in this assignment.