Income Poverty in Rural Areas

RURAL SOCIOLOGY (SOCI 3168) Fall 2019 Research Paper Instructions Professor Florence Wakoko-Studstill, Ph.D. ________________________________________________________________ Reflect on the topics we have discussed and write a paper describing the nature and extent of a rural problem in a community of your choice. As you can tell from a variety of readings covered, both rural people and rural communities are affected by a series of problems ranging from income poverty, resource inequality, gender inequality, disproportionate educational resources and healthcare distribution, food supply and food security, climate change, immigration and agricultural trade competition. The paper has to be types in Times New Roman, double spaced, 12 Fonts, Margins 1.5 on left and right (use this page as an example). TASK: You are to select a research topic of your choice based on the readings we have covered, and write a well-research paper using the format described below: Research Topic: _____ I. Introduction & Background Define the topic and describe what you know about it using scholarly published literature. Ask yourself, what do you know about this issue? What is the nature and extend of the problem in a rural community that you have chosen to study? (provide statistical information from the literature to support your point). What questions are you asking? II. Justification Describe the significance (importance) of this study to research and on policy about rural life. Ask yourself, why is this topic worth studying? At all times reference scholarly work and do not use common sense opinions. III. Objectives of the study Describe what you are going to do in this research paper. That is, what is the purpose of your study? What do you want to achieve? Examples of key concepts used to state objectives include the following, to: Explore; Describe; Explain, Identify, Analyze, Assess, Determine xxx . List at least 3 objectives of your study. IV. Literature Review Review literature related to your topic. The review should include information about: Key questions asked, theoretical perspectives used or, previous studies reviewed; research method used, findings of the study, and conclusions drawn. V. Methods Describe the research method you have used in your study (refer to your Introductory Sociology book to refresh your mind about research methods). VI. Conclusion and recommendations Focus your conclusion to the objectives of the study, and make recommendations about what policy makers need to do to solve the problem.