In what capacity, if at all, should comics and superheroes be used to teach adolescents in schools?

The third essay is an Argument Synthesis essay on the similar topic to the Midterm exam. While the article and specific content from the midterm can be somewhat used, this is a completely new paper with a different structure and thesis. Your goal will be to answer a specific prompt for this topic and defend it by synthesizing sources together to strengthen your points. In the Midterm, you were simply critiquing an argument and stating reasons why it did or did not accomplish something. Now, you are answering a specific question branched out from that topic. You’ve read several different articles from Comics & Superheroes and are going to synthesize your own position on the following question:

In what capacity, if at all, should comics and superheroes be used to teach adolescents in schools? Be sure to include an introduction that covers the general topic and leads to your thesis statement. The rest of your paper should focus on reasons supporting your choice. Start each paragraph with a clear topic sentence followed by supporting details. Supporting details should come from the articles from the unit as well as your additional research. Remember to synthesize your points together. Your paper should be at least four full typed pages in length. In your paper, you should use evidence from the author’s article (Note: in addition to summary elements, you should also include evidence in the form of paraphrases and/or direct quotes and comment on them). Be sure to use MLA format for your in-text citations and “Works Cited” page. Paper Checklist: Be sure you have completed all of the following requirements before submitting the assignment:  1,000-1,250 Words Works Cited Page – Minimum of 4 sourceso 1 source – Kat Kano 1 Source – LIB Guide on Comics & Superheroeso 1 source – Databaseso 1 source – LIB Guide, Database, or reputable website MLA Style Heading (Name, Class & Section, Professor’s Name, Due Date), Page number & Last Name in header – Remember, this is uploaded in Campus Cruiser Times New Roman, 12 pt font, double-spaced, one-inch margins In-text citations in MLA style Introduction with clear thesis, underlined Body paragraphs summarizing key articles and synthesizing points with articles and personal experience Conclusion that reminds readers of the main points of the essay