In the Heat of Combustion: Sugar, and Beyond Labz Heat of Fusion of Water

I’m studying for my Chemistry class and need an explanation.

In the Heat of Combustion: Sugar assignment you will use bomb calorimetry to determine the heat of combustion for sucrose (sugar) and compare it to the accepted value.

And in the Beyond Labz Heat of Fusion of Water, In this simulation you will measure the energy transfer that happens when a known mass of ice melts in a calorimeter containing water. By measuring the initial temperature of the water and ice, and measuring the final temperature of the water after they reach thermal equilibrium, you will be able to use q= m.LaTeX: DeltaΔHfusion for heat transfer of change of state, and q = m.c.LaTeX: DeltaΔT for heat transfer of warming/cooling, and the concept of heat transfer in an isolated system, q1 + q2 … = 0, to calculate the heat of fusion of water (LaTeX: DeltaΔHfusion) and compare your experimentally determined value to the accepted value.

You will need access to BeyondLabz, let me know if you have any questions!