Immunohistochemistry;What steps would you need to take to develop an Immunohistochemistry method to identify Epstein Bar Virus in tonsil tissue removed from a patient? Include the processing stages for the tissue

Essay guide:
i) INTRODUCTION; =20 marks
Overview of ICC/HC
Biology of Epstein Barr Virus (EBV) pathogenesis antigen expression etc
What is the significance of detecting EBV
ii) MAIN TEXT-Immunohistochemistry method=50marks
Receipt of request-patient information log.
Method of fixation
Antigen retrieval
Choice of primary antibody(ies),monoclonal vrs polyclonal, target epitope.
Detecting system
Inclusion of appropriate controls
Interpretation of results
(There are several alternative methods available for each of the above, so you must explain and justify your choices)
iii) CONCLUSION= 25marks
Pros and Cons of the method selected 
Health and safety issues
(Inclusion of any current advancement in the detection of EBV in tissues will attract extra marks)

iv) REFERENCES =5 marks
All references should be in alphabetical order and in Harvard referencing format.