Identifying a legal issue from a healthcare situation

This is an assignment that focuses on identifying a legal issue from a healthcare situation. The paper also discusses the possible outcomes that may arise.

Identifying a legal issue from a healthcare situation

In your future role as a healthcare professional you will be faced with complex and challenging situations. At times a legal solution can be applied. It is important that you are aware of what this might be so that you can confidently practise within these legal boundaries. Almost always, there will be differing ethical positions that need to be considered. The purpose of this written assignment is to help you to identify a legal issue and possible outcomes, and also consider why different answers to an ethical question may arise.

Task instructions:

Read the scenario provided, and within the 2000-word limit, respond to the statements and questions that have been set below.

Marks will be for each of your responses according to the marking guide, so please use it as a resource when drafting your assignment. Note that questions 1 to 4 are each worth 10 marks, with 5 marks to different parts of the question. Questions 5 to 8 are worth 5 marks, and questions 9 and 10 are both worth 10 marks.

Formatting the written assignment:

Please refer to the Health Group Writing & Referencing Guide that describes how to format your written assignment according to the APA rules.
Your assignment is to have appropriate grammar, spelling, sentence structure, paragraphs and also academic references. It should be using the following ‘APA Level 2’ headings:

Ensure that the assignment paper has an introduction in the begining.
There should be usage of appropriate and efficiency in Making Ethical Decisions
The paper should include aspects ofMaking Legal Decisions
Lastly, after all the above has been discussed add a conclusion. A reference page is necessary for stating all the references that you are going to use in the assignment. However, do not forget to format the paper according to APA rules.