Identify two models for solving the organizational issue

This is a paper that requires you to identify two models for solving the organizational issue . The paper also provides additional information to use in writing this assignment paper well.

Identify two models for solving the organizational issue

Identify an organization that you may be familiar with or one that is of interest to you. Within your chosen organization, determine a known issue you would wish to explore. From the course concepts discussed, analyze at least two organizational development theories or models that may prove useful in addressing the known organizational issue.

This paper is to contain five sections:

an introduction of the organization;
a brief discussion of the known organizational issue;
analysis of at least two theory’s strengths and weaknesses in addressing the organizational development issue; Action Research, The Congruence Model, and also a four-dimensional approach to diagnosing organizational issues and working through change are topics presented in the module. There are other models as well: McKensey’s 7-S Model, Kotter’s 8 Step Change Model, and Senge’s The Learning Organization.

Identify two models for solving the organizational issue

Discuss two models you believe would be useful to potentially solving the organizational issue you have identified in the organization you have chosen. For each model, analyze its strengths and weaknesses as to how each may or may not solve the issue you are looking into.

a discussion that focuses on how leaders would know whether the application of the theories would be effective in the given situation; What do you see as the most important issues for the organizational designer to address and why? and
a conclusion.

This paper is to be written in the third-person format. The paper is to be double-space, use 12 pt. Times New Roman font, follow APA (7th edition) format, be between 6-8 pages (1800-2400 words), and incorporate at least 5 sources with (4) being scholarly. Images, charts, tables, and graphics are encouragement (if appropriate). However, they are not consider as part of the page/word count. Thus, it may be possible the page count may be larger due to the number of images, charts, tables, etc.