Identify the US export and import totals with China project

This is a paper that is focusing on identify the US export and import totals with China project. The paper also provides additional information to use in writing the assignment paper clearly.

Identify the US export and import totals with China project

This project requires you to research. You will first research using the U.S. Census Bureau to extract information related to the U.S. trade position. You are to address the requirements in the template below, using course materials and research to support the reasoning. Note that using course materials and reference articles goes beyond defining terms but clearly and thoroughly explains the ‘why and how’ of a situation. Avoid merely making statements but close the loop of the discussion by explaining how something happens or why something happens, which focuses on importance and impact. In closing the loop, you will demonstrate the ability to think clearly and rationally showing an understanding of the logical connections between the course materials, your reference articles and the question(s) being asked.

Use the following template using the headings to separate elements. Create a new paragraph for each bulleted item below. Do not use bullets in your paper as the required format is in narrative format with indented paragraph and no extra space between paragraphs.


Write an Introduction paragraph. The Introduction paragraph is the first paragraph of the paper and will be used to describe to the reader the intent of the paper explaining the main points covered in the paper. This intent should be understood prior to reading the remainder of the paper so the reader knows exactly what is being covered in the paper.
Consider writing the introduction last to ensure that the main points.
Foreign Trade

Using the U.S. Census Bureau, identify the export, import and total trade amounts for the United States for the last reported quarter/year end.
Calculate the balance of trade and discuss the results.
Explain how imports and exports affect the US economy.
Trade with China

Currently, China has tariffs in place on approximately $110 billion of U.S. products. The tariffs range from 5%-25% and are placed on products that include soybeans, beef, pork, seafood, vegetables, liquefied natural gas, whiskey and also ethanol. On August 1, 2019, the Trump administration announced that it planned to levy tariffs of 10% on over $300 billion of Chinese imports.

Identify the US export and import totals with China project

Answer the following requirements:

Firstly, using the U.S. Census Bureau, identify the U.S. export and import totals with China for the last reported quarter and explain what these amounts mean for the U.S.
Secondly, explain how has Trump’s trade protectionism impacted businesses in China? Make sure to include examples.
Thirdly, explain how Trump’s trade protectionism has impacted other countries? Make sure to include examples.

Create a concluding paragraph. The Conclusion summarizes the main topics discussed in the paper.

The reference page is on a separate page from the report. The reference page is according to APA with each reference left-justified with hanging indentation for subsequent lines.  Please see the module, Learn to Use APA to ensure references are in APA format.
A reference should appear under the reference section for each in-text citation in the paper. A reference may not exist without the associated in-text citation and vice versa.