Identification and discussion of themes on social media platform

This is a paper that focuses on the identification and discussion of themes on social media platform. The paper contains an introduction, methodology, and also a summary section.

Identification and discussion of themes on social media platform

Guidelines for Individual Essay
Choose an online discussion board or a social media platform on research methods or topics or issues. Download and also save the discussion text (minimum 50 posts by researchers and/or academics). Identify the major discussion themes. What do the discussions focus on? Also, what are the various opinions on the topic? (minimum 25 references which may include up to 5 internet sources). Please note that I must okay the chosen discussion board or social media platform for analysis before you can start writing. So please forward the discussion board or a social media platform from which the discussion texts will be downloaded to me for my approval.

Introduction Section:

a)      Firstly, what is the aim of writing the essay? (e.g. The main aim of writing this essay is to analyse conversations taking place on an online discussion forum)
b)      Secondly, what is the format of the essay? (This essay has been divided into x sections. In the first section I explain the methodology undertaken for analysing…In the second section, I present the positive and also negative themes related to the discussion topic…Finally, in the concluding section I summarise my key findings

Methodology Section:

a)      Firstly, which online forum did you choose?
b)      Secondly, how many comments did you download?
c)      Thirdly, did you use any software or did you manually download these comments?
d)      Fourthly, what kind of analysis are you using? (e.g. sentiment analysis, that is dividing comments into positive about the research method/tool, negative or neutral, irrelevant etc.)
e)      Lastly, did you use manual coding? (Yes!)

Summary information:

a)      What time period do the x number of comments cover?
b)      How many participants?
c)      Location or affiliation of participants?
d)      Overall, how many themes could you identify?
e)      How many positive, negative, neutral or irrelevant comments?


Discuss major themes with positive, negative or neutral comments

Only 5% of the original essay; this is just a wrap-up. No new idea introduced.