I will be taking my exam Thursday at 11am, and I would like someone to answer the questions of the exam.

I’m trying to learn for my Accounting class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

75 min to complete the exam.

ACC 302 – Exam 1 Study Guide

Chapter 13

  • Accounting for warranties (assurance-type and service-type)
  • Understand the criteria for reporting gain and loss contingencies
  • Analyzing current liabilities and company liquidity
  • Presentation of current liabilities and refinancing of short-term debt
  • Understand how a company accounts for payroll deductions
  • Chapter 14

  • Accounting for bonds and notes payable (including how to determine a premium or
  • discount, how to record journal entries over the life of a bond/note, and how to use the

    effective interest method)

  • Understand how to use present value tables to record the issuance of bonds and notes
  • payable

  • Understand the differences between interest-bearing notes and non-interest-bearing notes
  • Fair value measurement of long-term liabilities
  • Redemption of bonds before maturity date
  • Chapter 20

  • Know the five main components of pension expense and how each is calculated
  • Pension plan reporting on the financial statements
  • Understand the differences between defined contribution plans and defined benefit plans
  • Know how to use a pension worksheet and how to make the annual pension expense
  • journal entry

  • Amortization of prior service costs and the years-of-service method
  • Amortization of accumulated OCI-Gain/Loss