I need to finish my case brief paper

I’m studying for my Management class and need an explanation.

CASE BRIEFS • Two pages in length—double-spaced • Do not waste time/space summarizing the case • Briefly define the key issues faced by the firm and its leadership • Analyze why these are the key issues using the facts given in the case • Use your analysis to support recommendations for action • Provide the 3 (not more) most important courses of action to be taken by the firm • Provide appropriate rationale that links analysis to recommended courses of action • Be sure your work is professionally written and very well proofread

Here are a few things you might do when doing a Case Brief. Skim the case to get a sense of what it’s all about. Don’t use a highlighter for this read. After skimming the case, read it again but this time very carefully and with your highlighter in hand. Look for the problem(s)and/or opportunity(ies) the company and its leadership face(s). Focus on the most serious one or two (not more than three).

At the same time, look for the strengths and weaknesses of the company and it leadership. Detailed examination of these elements (problems and/or opportunities, and strengths and weaknesses) will be your analysis and basis for your recommendations of what the leadership/company should do (or avoid doing), i.e. what actions should be taken and what should be avoided (if any) to take full advantage of opportunities and/or minimize problems.

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