I need a CREATIVE Mind to create fake interviews done on my topic

I’m working on a Writing question and need guidance to help me study.

I need fake interviews done on my topic of:

The impact non-profit organizations have on the homeless community specifically women with children and the ways they can prepare them for the future.

I need 5 detailed questions asked and answered for the following people. Please be creative!!!! Remember these are nonprofit organizations that currently help the homeless population.

The questions are asking each person their thoughts on what is going wrong with the homeless community today? What can nonprofits do to start helping more today with the homeless community specifically women and children? What steps can nonprofits take for the future so that this crisis can get under control? Why do they think so many women and children are homeless in their opinion? What plans do their nonprofit organization have in place to help women and children get off the streets in their city?

Face to Face Interviews

My Sisters House– Cammie C (Social Worker)

City of Refuge–Katie T. (COO)

Covenant House- Kadijah P (Social Worker)

United Way-Kelly S. (Vocational Specialist)

The Salvation Army- Jimmie S. (Vocational Specialist)

Chris Kids- Kathy B. (Substance Abuse Counselor)

Phone Interviews

Coalition for the Homeless– Jefferey J. (Owner)

Project Renewal Womens Shelter- Joan H. (Case Manager)

Live Safe Resources– Robert C. (Director of Housint)

Sistercare Inc.-Sherika E. (Director of Foster Care)