I have assignment about intro to Religion I will send you the old assignment I have done

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Post your conclusion to your site visit essay.

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I’ve included the instructions for your conclusion paragraph from the instructions below:

The paper must have a conclusion paragraph that sums up everything you wrote. Simply, restate your thesis, and how you’ve proven it throughout the paper. Take a couple of sentences to discuss further research that could be done at your selected religious site to finish the paper.

Here’s what your conclusion should include.

1. Restate the thesis

2. Explain how you got there

3. Flex on them by saying: it’s clear my thesis was correct

4. Suggest future research


“This paper has demonstrated that the central idea of Christianity is the absolute sufficiency of the person and work of Jesus by first demonstrating the centrality of Jesus within the historic beliefs of Christianity, then, the paper demonstrates the presence of Jesus’ person and work within the liturgy and aesthetic of the gatherings, finally, this paper describes how the person and work of Jesus influences the daily lives of congregants of the Miami Baptist Church. It is clear from the above data & arguments that the absolute sufficiency of the person and work of Jesus is the central idea of Christianity. Further research is necessary to determine how this central idea informs congregations engagement with the culture in other socioeconomic and geographic contexts.”