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I’m stuck on a History question and need an explanation.

you have to read from chapter 25 to chapter 28 to answer the question. the question is How do you see America and the world changing in Chapters 25-28? and Answer the question in an essay of about 9 to 10 medium-sized paragraphs (about five sentences is fine for a paragraph) and at least four pictures from each chapter you choose one pic with brief descriptions to note how they help us grasp the main points like how the pics help us understand the history. At the start, include an introduction, where you give an overview of the major events or trends you wish to cover. At the end, include a conclusion, where you note how events of the era shaped the world we live in today.

please put page number and do not use different books only this pdf http://bcs.bedfordstmartins.com/webpub/history/roa…

This essay should include, within it, at least four key terms from each chapter one key term. Please put each key term (or key words) in bold the first time you discuss it in a significant way.

the key term

1.Japanese Americans from chapter 25

2. Marshall Plan from chapter 26

3. Nuclear Arms Race from chapter 27

4. Feminism from chapter 28

here is the PDF book http://bcs.bedfordstmartins.com/webpub/history/roa…

the pics you will find them in blow

if you did not see the pics you can screech on google and put them in the essay

  1. Red Army at Stalingrad, 1943 (from chapter 25)

Image result for Red Army at Stalingrad, 1943

2. General Douglas MacArthur (from chapter 26)

Image result for general douglas macarthur

3. Bracero with short handled hoe, 1956 (from chapter 27)

Image result for Bracero with short handled hoe, 1956

4. Black Feminists: “Free Our Sisters, Free Ourselves.” (from chapter 28)

Image result for Black Feminists: “Free Our Sisters, Free Ourselves.”