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Four précis will be required. The precis is a one-page document (maximum of 350 words). It can focus on a reading or a guest speaker (at least one precis should be from each of the three modules; the fourth is your choice). The submission should state your name and date submitted, as well as the name of the work or author you are reflecting on. Précis writing, or now referred to as summary writing, is a technique of composition (Cohen, 1950; Bromley, 1985). It is an important skill requiring the ability to recognize the main point(s) of an argument, and intended as a means of reflection. The précis is intended to improve reading comprehension, critical thinking, and synthesis of ideas. It is a problem-solving method that promotes clear communication. (Woodworth, 1988). Questions to think about when writing a Précis: What did this piece of writing or guest say (a few sentences about the, claim, thesis, topic, or argument or case-studies)? Distill the authors thoughts into your own thoughts with a focus on what the writers or speakers were trying to accomplish. What does this mean to your larger discipline? Describe what you found most interesting or useful in the reading. Feel free to also use quotes of moments that you found interesting. Share questions or further ponderings that arose from this reading. A grading rubric will be provided. Precis will be shared on canvas with your classmates to serve as a repository of knowledge of all the readings