I have 17 post that I need answered. Be detailed and give one reference for an article or book concerning the post.

I’m studying and need help with a Psychology question to help me learn.

Discussion board requirements: Over the course of the semester you will need to post a total of 17 times. There will be over 50 forum options for you to choose from. There is a set of forums for each section of material (i.e., there are three sets of forums). The ones that are available now cover the first section of material and will become unavailable right before the first test. At that time I will make the second set of forums available. They will become unavailable before the third test and at that time I will make the last set available. Please note that all discussion board forums will become unavailable right before the last test. Please post any questions you may still have here.

Remember: You are to respond to the forums after you have reviewed the material in the lecture and the textbook regarding the topic. Please do not respond with your opinion without supporting evidence.

Just paragraph or two will be fine for each discussion question. Be very detailed. Use the Chapter 1-3 link that is provided to guide you in the discussion. Thanks