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Week 4 Discussion

Initial postings should be 250-350 words (written or verbal), cite references in your initial postings (either the textbook and/or an outside resource), use proper APA and grammar, and the discussion should be at a critical level. Each student replies to the instructor’s initial discussion question(s) with a substantive post which is one where you contribute your ideas, add new information, pose questions, offer personal experiences to illustrate a point, or demonstrate that you understand and can apply to the course content.

Original postings are due by Thursday at 11:59 pm CST, and responses to peers are due on Saturday at 11:59 pm CST. Peer responses should be at least 50-100 words (written or verbal); should not simply state “I agree.” Replies to another learner’s post should be respectful in nature. The student should ask a question, provide a supporting comment, or constructively critique the post, perhaps by offering a different perspective. Students will reply to at least two other learners for each instructor posted question (minimum).


Watch the TED Talk video:

Dan Ariely. What makes us feel good about our work?

What three things did you hear in this video that you can apply to your work or personal life? How so? Provide details for this post.