HUMN 3303 UTEP Two Examples of Why Christianity Is Immoral Questions

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Use the two source videos to answer question 01:

Christopher Hitchens – Christianity is Immoral (Part 1)

Christopher Hitchens – Christianity is Immoral (Part 2)

01. What are two examples of why Christianity is immoral according to Christopher Hitchens, according to the video?

Use the video sources and Letters from the Earth by Mark Twain to answer the following question:

02. What are two parallels between specific points raised by Mark Twain in Letters from the Earth and those raised by Christopher Hitchens in the video? Please explain how they are similar in detail. (Be sure to cite where in the book your points are taken from)

I recall that my professor said to use this source “The Friendly Atheist

03. Find an example that demonstrates or correlates with a point or points that Satan brings up in his observations. Explain why and how it aligns with the points raised. Credit will not be given for examples already given in the book.

Due at Monday October 05 at 9 am