Human Resource Management,Case #1Assignment 1: Introduction to Employee Selection and Assessment

Writer first please read the background of the three major assignments, Then, HRMN 300 Instructions for Assignment 1 In addition, the rubric in order to met the criteria for the assignment to achieve the highest score. There is a video with instructions for the assignment and also an example of the format. Please also read the required readings document is attached Requirements as follows: You are employed as an HR consultant for a mid-sized bank. The bank employs 200 tellers across its branches. You need to recommend to the bank what to consider when hiring for the position of Bank Teller. The following pages describes more details on KSAOs, pay statistics and desired factors for the candidate to possess. For this first assignment there are three main tasks you need to complete: Assignment 1: Part A Employee Selection Exercise Assignment 1: Part B Operationalizing Your Assessment Assignment 1: Part C Apply Your Assessment Systems All three tasks should be included in one paper 3 to 5 pages in length, double spaced, use tables when needed, and use APA format for referencing and citing. Include a cover page and a reference page.