Human Resource issues and research findings assignment

This is a paper that is focusing on the Human Resource issues and research findings assignment. The paper also provides the questions to analyze in writing the assignment task.

Human Resource issues and research findings assignment

Purpose of the Assessment

The purpose of these assignments are to test your level of knowledge and understanding of specific Human Resource issues and research findings. Also, your ability to use these in producing a well written and persuasive essay.

Assessment Task

Your task is to complete sufficient reading and any other independent research in order to produce a good quality essay solely focused on the questions below:
(a)  Explain the strategies and approaches a newly internationalising organization can take to prepare and train groups of employees to work for it in overseas locations on projects lasting a year or more. Which approaches may work best and why?

(b)   Discuss what challenges employees often face when working abroad and how management and HR practices can assist them in coping with the difficulties and being successful.

The number of words you use for each of the 2 parts should be about 1,250 words each. Although it is allowed for up to 250 words difference.
For both essays you must write an essay (not a report) but may use sub headings if you wish.
Word length: The essay must be approximately 2,500 words in length, not including any appendices. You can exceed the word count above by up to 10%. If your essay is less than 2,250 words you are unlikely to pass.

You must put references and sources within the main body of the essay (in-text) not just in a list at the end. References are there to support your ideas and to show where evidence, theories and other ideas come from. An essay with no in-text sources or references has no or very minimal credibility and is almost certain not to be passed.

Please read the assessment criteria below carefully before you begin the reading for your essays to help you do well.