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Week 1.4B: Paul and Jewish Law

James D’Emilio

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In Galatians and Romans, Paul appears both to embrace and reject Jewish law, to affirm the importance of the covenant with the Jewish people and to argue that the followers of Jesus are the new Israel. Can you resolve, expose, or explain Paul’s seemingly contradictory views in the assigned sections in Galatians and Romans on the relationship between Jesus’ followers and Jewish law, scripture, and heritage? Explain and evaluate his interpretations of passages from the Hebrew Bible and his understanding of the role of major figures like Abraham and Moses. Do you think Paul’s “reading” of passages that we read from Genesis or Exodus is faithful to their meaning in the Hebrew Bible? Why or why not? Address any of these “general” questions by focusing your posting on an analysis of ONE, TWO, or THREE short specific passages, or one theme or character that recurs in several of the assigned passages from Paul. You may wish to make use of Nirenberg’s chapter in your answer.