HST_ World Civilization I

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Divisions of Labor In early Agricultural Societies

Look CLOSELY at the lecture notes, the reading and ALL the videos. We are learning examples of the farming (herding) society in East Africa called the Maasai. We also learn about the origins of wheat and the first farmers in the “fertile crescent.” We also learn about how the “divisions of labor” came about. Here is what to write about once you have reviewed all this information. 7 paragraphs–at least. Any format is fine (Chicago, MLA etc). Use the resources here not outside sources. I need to see that you have done the work.

Give examples of how the various farming societies we learned about this week created “divisions of labor” within the society. Were these divisions of labor oppressive? Were the useful for helping to advance production and the common good? Use ALL the vocab words in this weeks “Notes” which are attached in your essay. Look up the definitions to use them in your essay so that you know what they mean.