Howard College Inequality Lessons Taught by Covid 19 Discussion

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STEP 1: Find a current news article about COVID-19 and the inequalities associated with it. In what ways has COVID-19 made social inequalities visible? Look specifically for an article that covers information related to concepts and ideas you learned about in the recent modules on poverty, race/ethnicty, or sex/gender.

The article you choose should be a minimum of 500 words, recent (within the last five months), and from a reputable news source (HCC provides free access to some news sources).

STEP 2: Write a thorough summary of the article.

STEP 3: Using your sociological imagination, write an analysis that connects the main idea/s of the article to structural inequalities/discrimination. Be sure to identify and discuss at least two social structural causes to the high rate of infection and mortality among certain categories of people (class, race, and/or gender). What specific social policies would you suggest in order to reduce the disparities identified in your chosen article?

STEP 4: Include the link to your article, check for any writing errors, and submit your paper.