How violence is often the foundation and the undoing of the state

Essay 3: What is Violence? Write an eight to nine page paper comparing Blood Meridian to two other texts from the class around the question “What is violence?”. Most of the texts of the class have focused on the relationship between violence and the state—how violence is often the foundation and the undoing of the state; this relationship could serve as a good foundation for analyzing and comparing several texts. As with the other papers though, you are free to address any idea or aspect of the texts that you wish. Essential aspects of the essay 35 points: 35 percent of the course grade A thesis that addresses Blood Meridian and two other texts. You do not have to make the same claim about three texts—that would likely be impossible—but you should track a similar idea across several texts and identify what is similar and different across them. Citations of primary sources and explanations that support your claims. Cite at least 2 peer-reviewed articles on Blood Meridian and one on one of the other sources you write about. You can use one of the essays on Blood Meridian posted to iLearn. If you compare Blood Meridian to Billy Budd, Sailor, you can reuse a source from that paper. If you choose to write about other texts from the class, such as Fanon or climate change, you will have to find an additional peer-reviewed source on that topic. oYou can cite these sources in service of your own argument or when considering a counterargument. For Blood Meridian sources, you must write a short literature review, just over half a page. This should be a paragraph where you inform your reader of how scholarship has written about Blood Meridian before, citing your sources briefly to capture their main points. MLA format o12 sized, Times New Roman font, One inch margins, double spaced oName and class information at top left of first page, and last name and page number in header starting on the second page