How is the technique development of ceramics in China

Investigate the topic in a thoughtful and critical manner. Collect evidence and information from at least four different sources. While some Internet sources may be acceptable, published sources are more accurate. Wikipedia is not acceptable. Must have at least two printed sources. May only use encyclopedia as one source. Direct quotations may not exceed 15% of the paper. Paper Format: Title page must include a title, student’s name (Last name, First name) and course number The paper must be typed, doubled space, 1” margins, 10-12 point font Italicize or underline foreign words Provide pictures and illustrations related to your subject. Identify pictures and illustrations with descriptive captions. (Caption for art work should include: title/name, artist, material, date, country/culture) Paper must have footnotes or citations of your references and sources. Bibliography must include names of author, title, publisher and date of publication. Internet sources should include topic of search, name of title of article, link, retrieval date. Follow the Modern Language Association (MLA) guidelines for documentation. Length: 5 to 10 pages (1300-2500 words). Title, photo, and bibliography pages do not count.