How immigration has been a debate in the United States

This is a paper that is focusing on how immigration has been a debate in the United States. The paper also provides additional guidelines to use in writing the assignment paper clearly.

How immigration has been a debate in the United States

Immigration has long been a major social issue in the United States, and is often controversial. As a “nation of immigrants”  the United States has long struggled with who should be allowed to enter the nation, what rights they will have while here and how much immigration is desirable, among other issues.

For this paper, please provide a discussion of how immigration has been debated in the United States over the past five years.

Begin by researching the immigration process. How long does it take? What are the time and also financial requirements? What is the difference between standard immigration and asylum processes? Additionally, what groups of potential immigrants are advantage and what groups are disadvantage by the process?
Next, identify what arguments have been made by people who support increasing immigration, protecting immigrant rights and safety and/or following current asylum laws?

What arguments have been made by people who want to decrease immigration, remove rights from immigrants and who oppose current asylum laws?
What challenges might new immigrants face after they are settled? Also, what role does racism and social deviance play in their experience and the overall debate about immigration?

Research the topic, using a minimum of three academic sources. Analyze the issue using the information, concepts, and also terms that are in the textbook and content guide readings and videos.   Your analysis should be approximately 5 pages, double-spaced. Remember to cite your references in APA style. Be sure to proofread carefully!
For more information on scholarly sources, please review Types of Information Sources; for more information on APA style please review the Online APA Style Guide (OWL).