How gender influences some characters’

ENGL 1145: Essay 3 Value: 20% Length: min. 5 double-spaced pages (firm) For this essay, choose any of the following topics and apply it to two stories from the course. This will be a comparison/contrast essay, so select two stories from any of the units that work well together. For instance, perhaps the stories appear to be similar in some way (e.g. both have an unreliable narrator), but you will show there are important differences; or they appear to be very different, but you will show there are interesting similarities. The objective is to form a compelling and original argument, and to analyse connections between the stories that may be overlooked by most readers. Your essay must follow the conventions of English essays and use MLA Format. No secondary sources are necessary for this assignment. If you choose to use a source, ensure that it is both reputable and scholarly, and cautiously document all borrowed quotations, arguments, and ideas with parenthetical citations and Works Cited entries. Please see the syllabus for instructions on how to submit your essay. If you have any questions or would like help, please let me know. 1. Narrative issues: Stories posit a relationship between the narrator or storyteller and the reader or listener. Explore how the character, trustworthiness, and objectivity of the figure who is narrating influences our understanding of him/her and the story itself. 2. Gender issues: Consider the male and/or female characters, and how they resist or conform to the gender roles that society has assigned to them. Explore how gender influences some characters’ available choices, or affects the characters’ development. 3. Class issues: Membership in a certain social class might affect characters’ choices, or affect the way they view, or are viewed by, others. Explore how certain characters feel about the different social classes, and how class issues or economic struggles affect them