How companies uses information technology using assessment tool

This is a paper that is focusing on how companies uses information technology using assessment tool. The paper also discusses the definitions in terms of using an assessment tool.

How companies uses information technology using assessment tool

1.       Description of Final Paper

The final paper assignment:

Develop a paper and make a presentation on how a company or an industry has used information technology. Also, the consequences and lessons learned from implementing the technology.  The paper should (1) study the company or industry using the business models covered in class in order to identify specific areas where IT can make a difference.  This may include identification of a specific value chain activity and describing how it was ineffective; (2) Based on the description of the organizational processes, show how to select the appropriate IT technology that improves the process(es); (3) Analyze how IT changes the organization or its processes and how it integrates in the organization; (4) Assess the impact of the IT including both positive and negative effects. As an example, Nestle’s experience in ERP implementation.

How companies uses information technology using assessment tool

2.       Definitions of terms used in the assessment tool

There are five learning objectives measurement in the assessment tools, this section defines each so that all tool users have the same baseline.
·         Apply Business models to study organization: Example of business models are Porter Models. (Generic Strategy, Five Forces, Value System and Value Chain). This items evaluates the students ability of analyzes organizations using these models so using Generic Strategy, Walmart is as Cost Leader, while Nordstrom would be as Differentiation with better customer service. The value chain model describes both primary and secondary activities.  The student is also to relate the two so that Nordstrom uses tablets instead of fixed cash registers. So that customer is serve by any sales associate (whether to purchase or locate an item in another store or online)

·         The Selection of the appropriate IT technology: The student is to identify an issue that can be improve for example increase the switching cost in the five forces model. Using an IT system to implement a frequent customer program, or improve forecasting to reduce the operating costs. This is a semi structured issue since forecasting has an error term, hence, a regression analysis with many years of data maybe used.

·         How does IT affect the organization: The use of IT often improves the performance (e.g., effectiveness) of a specific business process.  How does the IT system improve the performance
·         How does IT integrate in the organization: When an IT is integrated in the organization there are structural, process or other changes in the organization.  Has these changes been discussed in the paper?
·         Implications of implementation of IT: How did the IT improve the organization compared to the industry, competitors.