How are culture, power, and gender related? 

How are culture, power, and gender related? OR How is the category of ‘woman’ related to feminist struggles for gender equity?

How are culture, power, and gender related?

Once you have selected the topic area, reflect on the course readings (the book is Gender and Women’s Studies, Second Edition: Critical Terrain Paperback – June 1, 2018 by Margaret Hobbs (Editor), Carla Rice (Editor)) to plan how you will best address the topic. When you have a general plan, then devise an argument that you can support throughout the paper.

Evaluation: The paper will be evaluated on the following: the overall strength of the ideas, argument (thesis is a big part of this) and analysis, the organization and presentation of the paper, the level of understanding of the material, and the technical aspects. While research that extends beyond the course material is not mandatory for this essay, you are welcome to include additional sources. That said, the paper must demonstrate a clear and critical understanding of the course literature. Note: see the course syllabus for late submission penalties. Further, should you be unable to submit your paper on time for any reason, please contact your TA directly.

Things to Remember:
Plan your writing schedule to allow for enough time to think the ideas through

Establish a thesis at the onset of the paper and support your thesis throughout

Write analytically (rather than descriptively)

Avoid overbroad statements such as: “Since the dawn of time…” or “Men have always oppressed women…” (They do not add to the specificity of your argument and are often highly debatable)

Use concepts and theories from class and beyond to support your ideas

Edit to ensure that the writing is clear. If this is an area of struggle, be sure to access the support of your TA, the undergraduate writing center, or your Instructor.