Hopes and Fears of a 21st Century Educator

 Becoming an educator in the 21st century is an extremely important and courageous undertaking. Teacher shapes the lives of our future culture, more than any other profession. When you think about becoming a 21st Century teacher what are some of the “hopes” you have and what are some of the “fears/concerns” you may have? Write a reflection about your journey to becoming a teacher and why you are hoping to be a teacher for many years. What changes would you like to see in education? Address your concerns about becoming a teacher within your reflection. The “why” you are hoping to be a teacher can stem from family history, or personal experiences to your passion to “make the world a more just society”. What are you hoping to bring to your classroom/students? The “why” you have concerns may stem from the challenge’s teachers face regarding pay, parent interaction, diverse populations, lack of funding, lack of community support. How might you overcome your concern?